What is PHPExamine? Why was it made?

PHPExamine is an online equivalent to writing PHP/HTML/JS files with notepad and then uploading them to a webserver and viewing them in a browser.
It was made so that I could practice/work on PHP scripts when away from my home computer so I would not have to have an FTP client where ever I went and so I wouldn't have to trust the foreign computer with my FTP password.

How do I use PHPExamine?

You type your code in the textbox and then click 'Proccess Code' your code will then be parsed and displayed above the textbox.

Why is there a search box in the lower right hand corner of PHPExamine?

This is a Quick PHP Manual Lookup box, all you have to do is type a function into the box like 'echo' and click 'Go!' or hit 'Enter' and you will be taken to the manual page for that function, if there is no documentation on the function you type then it will do a search of the function list. In short this box does the exact same thing as the box on the site.

What functions can I use in PHPExamine?

You can use pretty much every function in PHP only acouple have been removed for security reasons. You will be notified when you try to use one of these functions. If your script requires a removed function then you should find hosting for it, Acouple good hosts are IsMyWebsite,, and XtreemHost.
You can also use some custom functions of my own and extra functions that I have found and added in. You can use the function phpe_list_extra_functions() to see the most updated list of custom functions.

What are the benefits of creating a PHPExamine account?

By creating a PHPExamine account you will be able to make, edit and save more than one file to your account, you will also be able to upload files to edit and use on your account. You will also be able to download a zip of your files at any time. Your files will also not be lost when/if your IP address changes, all files are bound to your account and you will be able to edit them from anywhere that you have internet access.